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We use a numeric grading system to help you choose the holidays that are right for you. Grade 1 holidays explore the easiest of paths while, at the other end of the scale, grade 3 holidays promise plenty of ascents and descents each day. The definitions of the different grades are as follows:

Grade 1 Easy, generally low-level walking with few ascents/descents, but can have occasional long days.

Grade 1-2 Generally easy walking with some ascents/descents, and occasional longer days up to around 18km.

Grade 2 Moderate walking, on good surfaces, some long days and ascents/descents generally up to 500m.

Grade 2-3 Mountain walking, so more ascents/descents. Days can often be as long as 16km.

Grade 3 High mountains, long days, ascents/descents most days. Competent compass skills required. Can be as long as 20km.

!!! AVAILABLE Flexible walks Options for easier/harder walking to tailor each day to your requirements.