In parts of Italy, adults get to act like kids this in December. It’s not an abundance of Christmas Spirit, it’s olive picking season. But Albina Fabiani fears this tradition is being crushed by the modern workplace.

Olive picking may soon be a thing of the past ... Many Italian families have already given up picking. They're hiring migrant workers to bring the olives from tree to table. By using Innovative Olive Farming, Albina hopes to keep the old traditions in Abruzzo alive.
Founded by Albina Fabiani who decided to ditch the rat race for a life in rural Italy, ABRUZZO Olive is an olive grove that offers trees for adoption.

Visiting Customers pick their own tree. There are 2 olive groves, called Uliveto Alto (Top Grove) and Uliveto Basso (Bottom Grove). Both groves have a mixture of types of olive tree. There are Piantone Di Mogliano, Pendolino and Leccino  varieties.

This mixture gives Abruzzo Olive oil it's unique and distinct flavor.


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For  EUR 68, customers receive  the produce from their adopted tree.

Besides an adoption certificate, this includes  booklet about Abruzzo, Spring crushed local herbs, and the possibility of downloading our Cooking with Abruzzo Olive Oil book with beautifully illustrated and packed with easy recipes.

Enquire the download of the book:
"We operate our Abruzzo Olive Farm in a way that gives the highest degree of long-term economic benefit to the local community, whilst also maintaining and improving the environment. We aim to work closely with all relevant local bodies and authorities to help preserve or improve the environment and deliver a long-term benefit for the host community.

We encourage local involvement and provide financial support for economic, social or environmental projects that will benefit the local communities." Albina Fabani
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