Breathwalk is the science of combining specific patterns of breathing synchronized with your walking steps and enhanced with the art of directed, meditative attention. Specific Breathwalk exercises produce specific effects to revitalize body, mind and spirit and refined mental clarity and feelings of connectedness promotion.

Breathwalking draws on breathing techniques from yoga, adding exercises and walking cadences to create the desired effect. The effects are backed by research that showed the techniques actually produce the desired effects - more than when just plain walking.

The benefits of Breathwalking are a perfect match for today's high-stress/low physical activity workplaces, combining mental and physical benefits.

Breathing and walking comprise two of our simplest activities, yet they are also two of our most powerful actions.  By bringing them together in a systematic and meditative way, we can enhance our physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness.  We can tap our vitality to fully enjoy and excel in our lives.

With a series of easy to follow, transformational exercises that combine breathing and walking in very specific ways for specific benefits, Breathwalk teaches us:

- How to alleviate exhaustion, anxiety, sadness, and other problems.

- How to heal physical, mental, and spiritual conflict in our lives.

- How to enter a zone of total fitness within our own bodies and minds.

In this simple program that anyone can follow, Centuries old traditions come together with modern scientific research in an effective and enjoyable holistic way to exercise. 

BreatWalking is a breath of fresh air that can change your life for the better every time you take a step ...

Breathwalk has the power to change the basic rhythms of the body at system and cellular levels to produce an overall Signature of Wellness. When we look at what happens with the instruments and tools of modern research, we get a glimpse of some of the underlying biological processes that create the impact and benefits of Breathwalk. We have examined, with the help of professional researchers, the effects of Breathwalk in five fundamental areas important to our health and well-being--heart rhythm, visual focus, muscle balance, brain activity patterns and moods. Breathwalk is easy to learn, sophisticated in its design and powerful in its impact. It revitalizes your body, mind and spirit.

That vitality comes from body, mind and spirit working together. When we experience vitality, we feel alive. We have an inner confidence that we can embrace our life, accomplish our goals and feel our spirit. Vitality resides in the intricate network of our body, mind and spirit. We can each use that vitality to live a healthy, happy and successful life ... By learning how to consciously breathe and walk, you can elevate your mood, command your energy levels and shift your mental gears as you need, in addition to all the benefits of aerobic exercise.


A morning stroll through the mountains, can be followed by a swim in the sea during the afternoon, and the day can close with a starlit delicious dinner.

Best time:

In Spring, wildflowers literally cover the ground with a tapestry of vibrant blooms, making a patchwork of colour across the meadows. As well as wild orchids blossoms, there are hundreds of species of flowers and bushes just as beautiful.


There are regular flights by Ryanair from Stansted * and worldwide to Pescara in Italy which brings you to within an hour’s drive of the magnificent Majella National Park.
Pescara Airport is now offering direct flights from London, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt, Kiev, Moscow, New York and Toronto as low cost flights.

Rome Ciampino is only a 2.3 hours drive.

From / To Airport Transfers available on request. Additional charge may apply.

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GUIDED BreathWalk
Price from:  £ 675 p. p. (price depending on type of Accommodation and number of people in the party)

Land only Price inclusive of:

* Comfortable Accommodation: Decontra or Caramanico Terme
* 24 h Local Manager Support
* Daily Briefing and Suggestions
* 3 ORGANISED Walks per week
* Picnic Lunch - on ORGANISED Walk days - Delicious Deli Style, prepared with fresh local products.
*Range of Self Guided Walks -  Maps & Written Instructions for your 'Free' Days

* * * WE RECOMMEND BOOKINGS AT LEAST FOUR MONTHS IN ADVANCE as In high season (from June to September) accommodation is easily overbooked. We will be delighted to help and advise on your travel arrangements.