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Your children will be learning firsthand about geography, languages, history and the environment - while playing and exercising. 
Program for children growing up to be responsible adults, and for parents who still feel young from within. MORE ...
In Spring, wildflowers literally cover the ground with a tapestry of vibrant blooms, making a patchwork of colour across the meadows. As well as wild orchids blossoms, there are hundreds of species of flowers and bushes just as beautiful. MORE ...

Authentic Walking Holiday Bliss in Majella’s Blue Mountains

To be here is to be in tune with the Seasons and the Elements, walking through budding beech-forests, wading through seas of spring flowers, or lying on a sun-warmed rock to watch clouds drift by and an Golden Eagle circling over landscape ... there is a feeling of peace, born of the sense of belonging and deep contentment of the people who live here in harmony with their environment.

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Wild Flowers Walks
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We Are Situated in Caramanico Terme
75% of Abruzzo's regional territory lies over 700 metres in altitude.